A new Cala home could help you cut your emissions and fight against rising energy costs, saving an average of £1,600* a year in energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

Having a more energy efficient property could significantly reduce your energy use. Better insulation and modern heating systems are just some of the ways in which we’re reaching EPC ratings of A and B on the vast majority of new homes at Cala. 85% of new build homes were rated an EPC of B or above whilst only 4% of existing housing stock reaches the same standard*.

This is an important factor for many when purchasing a new home, with 1 in 4 buyers now defining efficiency as a key consideration, according to the Home Builders Federation’s ‘Watt a Save’ report.

The average new build homebuyer saves £135 a month on energy bills, amounting to more than £1,600 a year, compared with purchasers of equivalent older properties. This saving rises to over £180 per month for purchasers of houses, rather than flats or bungalows, totalling £2,200 a year.

Old vs New

Last year, new build homeowners saved an average of £2,500 a year in energy bills in comparison to older homes. Hikes in energy price caps bring these numbers in to even sharper focus.


Ellyanne and Russell moved onto Cala development in Essex…

“Our first home was a new build property and was only seven years old when we moved out. When the time came to relocate, finding another energy efficient home was a huge consideration...

“…We don’t know what to expect with the energy crisis in the coming years, but we do have peace of mind knowing that our new Cala home is built to a standard that will help us to save energy, and that’ll only help our bills too.”

Cut Your Carbon

The day-to-day running of new homes generates up to a third less carbon than older properties of their type*, meaning the environmental impact of living in a new home is generally far lower than that of older properties.

On average, new build homes emit 1.4 tonnes of carbon per year and use approximately 100 kWh per m2 per year, whilst the average existing dwelling emits 3.6 tonnes of carbon and require an average of 259kWh per m2.*

To summarise, new build homes reduce carbon emissions by more than 500,000 tonnes*, and those in poorly insulated homes and inefficient older properties will continue to pay more than those living in a new build.


Why Buy New  

Here are our top ten reasons to buy new.

Our Sustainability Journey

By 2030, all new Cala homes will be carbon neutral in their day-to-day running, and you’ll already find sustainable build methods and new technologies across a number of our developments, such as air source heat pumps, PV panels and water efficiency measures.

Find out more.


*All statistics sourced from the Home Builders Federation ‘Watt a Save’ report 2023.

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